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Product name : Anti corrosive tape
Film : Polyethylene
Adhesive : Butyl rubber
Release paper : No
Standard : ASTM D 1000,AWWA C 214,EN 12068
Storage life : 36 months
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Anti Corrosive Tape

XUNDA anti corrosive tape is consists 2 or 3 layers at common, one layer is polyethylene backing, another one layer is butyl rubber ,maybe have the third layer, it is release liner.

This Anti corrosive tape  is extensively used in the pipework of oil,water and natural gas transportation, petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban natural gas network of pipes, the outside anticorrosion project of the metal pipes involved as well as the outside anticorrosion project of the underground and overhead metallic
conduit of the works of petrochemical industry, natural gas and coal transportation.

This anti corrosive tape thickness is from 0.38 mm to 2 mm , the width is from 50 mm to 1000 mm, the length is from 10 m to 240 m.

This anti corrosive tape is black, white, yellow or other colors according to your requirement.

XUNDA  has exported anti corrosive tapes to more than 120 countires.

XUNDA TAPE Serves for
Oil, Gas and Water Transmission pipeline market
Oil and Gas distribution and utility markets
New pipeline construction markets
Rehabilitation and Reconditioning market
Offshore Industry
Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Industry
Manufacture of Polyethylene coatings utilizing Butyl based elastomeric adhesives,
Polyethylene films and liquid adhesives for corrosion protection of steel pipe.
Provides corrosion protection with the inherent chemistry of Polyethylene and Butyl
Adhesive for resistance to water and oxygen penetration. Oxygen and Water are prevented
 from reaching the metal substrate, which are necessary and sufficient conditions for corrosion.
Manufacture of conventional and specialty Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polymeric Alloys and
coating systems for pipe corrosion protection.
Manufactures PE coatings systems for applications for New Pipe Construction and
Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
Approved to ISO 9001 and to other good manufacturing and technical standards and norms
governed within the energy and pipeline industry.
Coating systems that have a broad range of temperature and shear resistance properties
to meet the requirements of the pipeline and end-user.

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