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Product name : Corrosion prevention coating system(C 50)
Item : T 480 +T 250
Film : PE
Adhesive : Butyl rubber
Release paper : 
Standard : EN 12068
Storage life : 36 months
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This Corrosion prevention coating system is primer +3 ply inner wrap tape + 2 ply outer wrap tape


The primer is same as other coating system:

It consists of a mixture of butyl rubber and synthetic compound and a solvent-gasoline. The primer is applied to the appropriately prepared pipe surface before application 

of inner layer tape.


Inner Wrap – 3 ply Tape XUNDA T 480  :

Three ply  tape consisting of stabilized polyethylene backing with plastic butyl rubber adhesive layer on both sides. The consistency of butyl rubber on one side should be formulated in such a way that under tension, it flows on uneven steel  surfaces. The inner wrap tape must be fully compatible with the property of primer  and the property of outer wrap. The tape must be self amalgamating between the layers and at overlaps. Highly conformable to any surface structure by thick butyl rubber layer facing pipe surface.


Mechanically highly resistant tape system ( stress class C-50 according to DIN 12068)

Practically impermeable to water vapour and oxygen.

It should provide resistance to soil bacteria and soil electrolyte. 

Compatible with coatings from PE , PP FBE , CTE and bitumen/ coaltar.

Tensile strength –at 23 0C > 100  N/cm  as per EN 12068

Elongation at Break at 23 0 C  % > 600 % as per EN 12068

 Di electric strength KV/ mm > 30 as per ASTM D-149 / DIN 30672

 Peel strength  as per EN 12068

 Cathodic disbandment < 20 mm radius  as per EN 12068

 Resistance to indentation at +50 C > 0.6 as per DIN 30762


both sides tape


The outer wrap tape, XUNDA T 250 is consist of Low density polyethylene as backing layer and butyl 

rubber,synthetic resins as adhesive layer.It always called Mechanical tape,outer
tape,outer wrap tape,outer layer tape,outerwrap tape.The backing is more thicker with a
few adhesive .The color is White at most.some project like black color.


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