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Product name : External pipeline outer wrapping tape
Item : T 250
Film : Polyethylene
Adhesive : Butyl rubber
Release paper : No
Standard : AWWAC214 ASTM D 1000,EN 12068
Storage life : 36 months
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External pipeline outer wrap tape

The XUNDA-T200 series is Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines. The outer-layer tape backing shall be compounded so that it will be resistance to outdoor weathering.


The external pipeline outer wrap tape shall be applied after the inner-layer tape by hand or with a wrapping machine



The specification of the external pipeline outer wrap tape consists of two layers, adhesive layer and film backing

Adhesive: butyl rubber

Film backingr: Special blend of stabilized polyethylene


pipeline outer wrap tape's Features:


Excellent adhesion to inner-layer tape and self

Resistant to UV

Can be applied over a wide temperature range

Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness              

Easily applied with no special equipment

Compatible with common pipe coatings

Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding

Meets ASTM D 1000 Standard

Cold applied 


Physical Properties:please contact us for getting it.

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