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Product name : white color PE tape for wrapping water pipe
Item : 2017214144625
Film : polyethylene
Adhesive : Butyl rubber
Release paper : No
Standard : ASTM D1000,AWWAC214,EN12068
Storage life : 24 months
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XUNDA T 200 series outer wrap tape is produced through extruding the composite anticorrosion materials. The adhesive layer is attached to the polyethylene film backing through thermal compounding. The anticorrosion system is comprised of primer, anticorrosion adhesive tape (inner tape) and protective tape (outer tape)

The outer wrap tape always called Mechanical tape,outer tape,outer wrap tape,outer layer tape,outerwrap tape.The backing is more thicker with a few adhesive .The color is White.



The XUNDA-T200 series is Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines. The outer-layer tape backing shall be compounded so that it will be resistance to outdoor weathering.

It also provide protection to the inner layer from damage during storage, transportation, installation and throughout the lifetime of the pipeline




& Benefits

Featuring excellent insulativity

Resistant to UV

Easily applied with no special equipment

Compatible with common pipe coatings

Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding

Good Mechanical protective effect

High mechanical strength

Small water absorption

Long service lifetime

Good resistance to impact and ageing

The outer wrap tape can be used in the construction conveniently with safety and no pollution

The outer wrap tape is widely applied in many areas with high efficiency.



High density polyethylene as backing layer and butyl rubber,synthetic resins as adhesive layer


100 rolls


2/4/6/8/12/24 rolls per carton

Order Size

Tape thickness 

15 mils(0.38 mm),20 mils (0.50 mm)25 mils (0.635 mm) 30mils(0.762mm)

Tape color

Black (BLK), White (WHT), Blue (BLU),GREEN(GRN)

Tape width 

1" (25 mm), 2" (50 mm), 4" (100 mm), 6"(150 mm),9’’(230 mm)12 ‘’(300 mm)

Tape roll length


Tape core diameter 

1.5" (38 mm), 3" (75 mm)



XUNDA-T 265 = Polyken 955-25/Altene 122-25


Physical Properties


Test Method


Typical Value

Total thickness

ASTM D 1000

25.0 mil (0.635mm)

Backing thickness

ASTM D 1000

20.0 mil (0.51 mm)

Adhesive thickness

ASTM D 1000

5.0mil (0.125 mm)



2’’- 32’’ (50 -800 mm)



100 -800 (30 -240 m)

Backing colour


White or black

Tensile strength

ASTM D 1000

75 N/ cm


ASTM D 1000

400 %

Peel Adhesion to inner-layer tape

ASTM D 1000

5 N/cm

Cathodic Disbandment


0.25 in radius 6.4 mm

Dielectric Strength

ASTM D 149

40 Kv

Volume Resistivity

ASTM D 257

2.2x1012 ohm.cm

Water Absorptivity

ASTM D 570

0.1 %

Water Vapor Transmission Rate 24h

ASTM F1249

0.01g/100sq in/24h

UV resistance



Application Temperature                                                                       


14-140 (-10 - 60 )

Max Service Temperature


-40-1 (- 40 - 90)


How to store the outer wrapping tape ?

The coating materials shall be stored in a clean, dry area


All materials shall be delivered to the jobsite in sealed and labelled containers and

shall be stored in a location that is protected from the elements, well ventilated and freefrom excessive heat, open flame, or other sources of ignition. Coating materials subjectto freeze shall be stored in a heated area.


The materials storerooms shall be appropriately ventilated and shall comply with applicable lawprovisions on safety and fire prevention.



Tape stored at jobsites or material yards shall be kept dry and under cover and never exposedto direct sunlight. Rolls shall not be stacked more than four (4) tiers high and never directly onthe ground or on irregular surfaces. The cores of stored tape rolls shall be vertical. Rolls shallnot be thrown or dropped. Hooks or other sharp handling devices shall not be used. Tape shallnot be stored in contact with protrusions capable of puncturing the material. Rolls or equipmentshall not be piled on top of or against stored tape.


How to install pipeline tapes?

The inner-layer tape shall be applied directly onto the prepared pipe surface,

Wrap tape application consists of hand application and machine application.

The tape applied temperature must be above 5 degrees, the coating construction temperature shall be

 more than -5 degrees as better.

The tape shall be spirally applied ,minimum overlap shall not be less than 50%.When applied to

 spirally welded pipe , the direction of the tape spiral shall be generally parallel to the weld spiral.

The minimum overlap shall not be less than 25 mm.

4When a new row of tape is started, the ends shall be overlapped at least 150 mm measured circumference.



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